REDDIT AUTOMATION SOFTWARE Bot acts like a real user

Who is this software for?

This software is for those who are working on reddit and focus on growing subreddit

Create thousands of accounts every day automatically increase subreddit search and auto crosspost

The Feature Highlights


Creating accounts is easier than ever, bots can run multi-threaded you can create thousands of reddit accounts every day

Automatic karma increase

After creating an account you just need to run the karma boost feature after a few hours you will get some karma and can start crossposting

Auto-scraping subreddit

Scraping crossposting subreddits from users who have crossposted before and save

Cross-posting feature

Crosspost your subreddit content to the subreddits found in step 3


The software has a timer function so you can set up all activities and schedule it, if you have 1 RDP then you won't have to work with bots for a few days, it will automatically follow your script. friend


Click buy now to grow your subreddit fully automatically right now

Package 3 months of use

3-month package, Can use the above 4 main functions and will be updated with new features in the future



Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients do I need after buying the bot?

There must be a proxy and an API key to solve the captcha, and if you want to create an account and confirm the email, you need to buy an additional email (hotmail)

Does the account need to be warmed up first before cross-posting

The text in this landing page gives you a lot of help in creating good copy. And don't worry about it too much. The only way to get better at copywriting is to write more copy. So, get writing.

Can I change my device?

Maybe, you need to message me and I will proceed to delete the old key and re-issue you another account for you to use on another computer.

Is the bot easy to use?

I will send you an article link with pictures and detailed instructions on how to set up the bot. You just need to know how to use a computer to be able to use it

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