In the Main function selection section, the functions will be summarized here

Reddit Automation Software User Manual

To create an account, you must first create a database to store the account

We will choose to select data

After creating the group, go back to the main interface and choose as shown in the image below

Tick "Get ID Group"
Please press OK to start the bot

And you will get results similar to the image below

Copy the newly created group ID and press Restart to restart the Bot and continue setting up

1. I will send you the user-agent list with the software

2. I'm integrating the captcha from the 2captcha site. please register an account there then top up and copy their API code and paste it here

3. Paste the group ID you got in the step above

4. Now updated with the feature of creating a very account by fake email, it's still very good to use

Next will go to the settings tab

1. Number of threads you want to run

2. Select Yes if using a proxy

3. proxy will need to have . Type: IP,PORT,USER,PASS

select the .txt file where you save the proxy

4. This is the folder containing the records of each of your accounts for

example:  C:\Users\Administrator\Desktop\auto reddit\profile